This is an article about evil mastermind Zero after his death. For his original form check out Zero. For other guys called Zero check out Zero (disambiguation).


Zero Two came to visit Kirby...

Cquote1 WHAT THE F... Cquote2

Zero Two (aka 02) is the giant floating eye who can destroy everything and cause much pain. He resembles Vaati.


Early Life

After returning from Hell, Zero's Soul visited Giygas. He gave Zero a new body and God-like status. Zero liked his new body and renamed himself.

First of all Zero Two mauled his killer Kirby. That was the most violent thing everybody had seen in ages. Even Chuck Norris was shocked for a 0.000000000001 seconds. Later he started kill random people.

Massive Murderer

Millions of guys died because of Zero Two. Thousands of them commited suicide because they was scared of him. Most of times Zero Two took over their mind and caused them to explode. Sometime he punches them in the face and face dies.

Most of times Zero Two has never seen or heard about these guys. They just were not in the place.

Phisical Appearance

Zero Two looks like a big eye with wings and big halo. His eye is bleeding. The blood is so hot, so he even sometimes uses his blood to cause first degree burns on guys' bodies.v

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