A Yudum

Yudum (pronounced Y-ue-duh-m) are an ugly species of Pokemon. They are native to Pac-Land and surrounding areas. It is unique in the fact that it is the only Pokemon that can breed with non-Pokemon (the Toads). The Yudum are very odd looking, but most Pokemon are, so this is nothing new.


The Yudum were first discovered by ancient travelers when Australia was being founded. The discovered the Yudum to be hostile, so the killed them, and regarded them as an enemy. We know this because of cave drawings made by these ancient people.

They were commonly hunted by the people of Australia. This continued until the Mushroom Kingdom forced a few hundred toads to go out and explore this unknown area. It turns out, the Yudums and toads started breeding, and the Pac-People were their children.

The Pac-People realized their ancestors were becoming endangered, and this is one of the reasons the Pac-People took over Australia. With Pac-Man looking over them, the Yudum population was restored to normal numbers. Of course, Pac-Man did shoot a few of them, but this was purely accidental.


The term Yudum, is believed to be derived from either Latin or Babbleish origins. If it is Latin, then it means lesser. If it is Babbleish, we don't have the slightest idea what this could possibly mean, so just forget it!


The Yudum are tall yellow semi-huminoid creatures. They have about 28 layers of skin at any given time, but they always shed and grow new skin underneath. Their bellies are rather chubby; this is used to store energy, and make them look ugly. It has single eye protruding from a tube coming out of a crater in its head. There is a single leg coming out from the bottom of its body. On this leg, is a foot, which is hops and slides on.


The Yudum are an aquatic species, but they hate water like cats do. They mainly live in Pac-Land and the Sonic Islands, but there have been sightings of them running wild in other places (though there is reason to believe this was just the result of bad Pokemon training). The Yudum usually live five years in captivity, but several hundred years in the wild. They are often hunted by larger Pokemon, but enjoy eating smaller Pokemon.

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