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Cquote1 I'LL KILL YOU!! F***ING SON OF A B***H FROM HELL!! Cquote2
Yottatron, threatening to kill everybody

10 to the 24th power eh? Guess why Sheldon Borneo names himself YOTTAtron.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Unknown
Species: Human
Home: Florida, USA
AKA: Sheldon Borneo (His identity) Yottatron1024 (New username)
Likes: Negative Comments, Being the villain, Math, Metrics, Conquering, Trolling, hacking, etc.
Dislikes: Being the hero.
Education: 10+ years in smart school.
Occupation: Mathematician
Known For: A hostile mathematician who writes negative comments about everybody everywhere and hacked another person.
UnRank: 0

Yottatron (AKA Sheldon Borneo and later Yottatron1024) is a very cruel Japanese-Israeli-American man born in 2001, and is part of the Galactic YouTube Trolling Crew.

Out of all of them, he represents the Draco constellation.

He first arrived the internet as a n00b in Late 2013 after stealing a random person's username and identity. He was forced to stop using them in 2014, so then he gave up.

He returned in the very start 2015 as a troll. He joined the Galactic YouTube Trolling Crew and gained the powers of the Draco constellation. He's best allies with Super Minecraft Kid, Coppercab, and LifeInATent.

In mid-2015, he became a mathematician after he mastered math. Though nobody cares if he's a mathematician or not. He harassed people globally throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, South America, Australia, and North America.

During June 2015 - March 2016, he acted as a spy, he is literally a villain disguised as a good guy. He also lies often. He black-noted some people. This makes him much like both Kim Jong-un and Bashar Al-Assad combined.

He also forced people to use the metric system when they didn't have to. He also sent threats of any kind to others.

He's also known for being writing negative comments about every YouTuber of any kind (with many subs or not that many) everywhere.

Like Super Minecraft Kid and SammyClassicSonicFan, he's infamous enough where he's got to be on this wiki.

Speaking of Super Minecraft Kid, he played Minecraft with him.

Despite that he's smart with his mathematics, strategies, and skills, he was still considered an idiot based on how much of a jerk and how rude he was.

He is also classified as a weeaboo in that he obsesses over too many anime, but that's obvious since he's from Japan, although this guy is actually more into Japanese history rather than anime, which is considered odd.

Origin of name

He had the idea of naming himself "Yottatron" came from combining "Yotta-" (Meaning Septillion) and "-Tron" (Meaning instrument (tool)).

The number of his next username (1,024 coming from Yottatron1024) derives from 10^24 (10 raised to the 24th power)

Later times


How he and Super Minecraft Kid met, this was right before they died, and they both got revived way after that.


Yottatron's icon during his idiot years as Yottatron1024.

Yottatron then upgraded himself, becoming Yottatron1024, and becoming negatively more powerful than before. Getting a hold of control of more big numbers as weapons than before. 

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