Wikia (soon to be called Fandom Powered By Wikia because yeah) is the creator and ruler of many wikis that are on the internet, as they are granted to be if someone decides to make one. It has an alliance with Wikipedia and Anything Wiki, as they are all jerks who like making people's lives a misery with boring crud. Most of the people who constantly edit Wikis are fat losers who have nothing better to do. Ignore that last part, it does not apply to the writer of this article, so erase that from your memory! It is also a rip-off of Wikipedia. I don't know. Did Jimmy Wales create Wikia? Because if he did, I will delete the rip-off part.

Wikia's worst accomplishment to date is the creation of the UnAnything Wiki. Wikia, because of some stupid reason, agreed to host the UnAnything Wiki. This is considered to be the most stupidest thing Wikia has ever done (and Wikia has done a lot of stupid things). Wikia is considered to be the most awesome website in the interwebs. But to us! It's a no, no and no.


  • Wikia sucks.

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