White House Apocolypse 2: Return of the Money was another awful shame and the sequel of the previous awful shame, White House Apocalypse.

Stuff that happened

The shame starts out at the white house, where Bush is talking on the phone, only is speaking through the wrong end, and the phone is unplugged, and burned. Suddenly, a giant bottle of Lamp Oil bursts through the door and smashed Bush, killing him instantly. FATALITY! It then smashes, Bush's secretary, Bowser, Bob Saget, Bill Gates, The Annoying Orange, and somehow even Napoleon. Then the camera just shows the pile of money that was in the previous game, behind the bottle of Lamp Oil, holding some scissors and is next to a cut wire.


  • Napoleon was in this shame.
  • This shame was the sequel to White House Apocalypse.
  • This section is pointing out the obvious.

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