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YTP The Television Obesities Discover A Portal To Equestria

What are my kids
What Are My Kids Watching? is the 5th episode in the Teletubbies (TV Series). In this episode, the Teletubbies do strange, random, violent, and stupid (all at once) things.


There really is no existent plot, mainly due to UnUniverse logic issues, but there are (sorta) key events:

  • Jebus Khrist orders the Teletubbies to kill each other while they are on drugs.
  • Jebus summons the United States of UnAmerica's military to help the violence, crime, and murder escalate.
  • Po murders Tinky Winky with a magnum.
  • Nemesis is summoned by Jebus.
  • The screen flashes in every color in the known universe, giving children seizures and CBeebies.
  • Jack Thompson is summoned by Jebus, just to be murdered by Heavy Weapons Guy.
  • George W. Bush and Mitt Romney are summoned to give a speech.
  • Everyone and everything dies at the end of the episode, but comes back to life in the next.


Kids loved this episode because it was full of violence, blood, and complete nonsense. Parents hated this episode and have complained to BBC because they said that this episode has "crossed the line"! MSNBC hated this episode because Republicans were in it.

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