King harkinian game
What's for DINNER? is a hit shame that was made by King Harkinian for the Game Boi. It was first made when the Game Boi was released. The shame was sold in stores for three years until some idiot pointed out that the shame gives Seizures (even though it actually doesn't). The shame was banned, but people still make it anyways.


What's for DINNER? starts with the King of Hyrule in his kitchen. He then asks Link "What's for DINNER Mah Boi?" Link tells him to shut his mouth and get lost before he draws his sword. The rest of the shame is the King trying to kill Link for not telling him what's for DINNER.


The shame was received very poorly overall. The main points critisized were the plot, the graphics, and the shameplay. "The plot was about as thought through as a screen door on a submarine sandwich," said Heavy Weapons Guy. Sonic the Hedgehog said: "It should have had me in it." We then shot Sonic, so we didn't get to hear the rest of his opinion.


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