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WaTom is the Wa form of Tom who LOVES hates chocolate. In fact, he hates it so much, he wants to kill everybody who likes that dreaded chocolate. His face is blue because he is a Wa Guy. He has destroyed Bikini Bottom OVER 9000 times because that little yellow fool tried to sell him chocolate. This made Moar Krabs mad because he was paying that little yellow fool to sell chocolate to WaTom. So Moar Krabs came to WaTom's house and asploded it with bombs and a Dinner Blaster. Then, Moar Krabs went to the Squadala Empire and stole a Squadala Bomb. He dropped it onto WaTom's house and blew up all of Bikini Bottom. Then, WaTom bought some Chocolate! He loved HATED it so much he grabbed a magnum and blew up the Krusty Krab. Then he commited suicide because a bunch of Police were chasing him. He was later revived by WaWario.