WaPo World is a dark, sinister planet that is in a different solar system somewhere, known for having only one
Wapo world and sun

WaPo World, the planet of darkness, being pulled toward its own Sun.

abnormal trait: a pitch-black surface that traps all light and turns the planet's sky a permanent shade of black. It was once Regular Planet and had regularness on it, but then the Undefeatables decided that it would make a great prison for the evil WaPo because they thought it was a distant and uninhabited wasteland. This planet now has only one resident.

WaPo World was once a planet with much civilization on it. Weird creatures known as Uglyians lived on it. They created a very advanced civilization. During a time of political unrest, the planet was discovered and subsequently colonized by Regular People. When the inhabitants of the Regular Planet were just about to discover fire, the Undefeatables, having misinterpreted the Prime Directive, came and threw WaPo onto their planet. The mere presence of what was left of WaPo caused the Uglyians to be wiped out in days and the Regular People to migrate to West Hyrule. The sky turned from a lovely shade of red (just like Mars) to a sinister black, all because of WaPo's evil presence.

WaPo's power started to affect WaPo World's gravity, and it began to glide slowly towards a
WaPo Land

The prison of WaPo

sun. After a while, it crashed right into a sun, but the sun exploded, and WaPo World floated out unharmed.

The Undefeatables now keep guard over this planet, and if they ever detect any form of consciousness from WaPo, then they shoot enough explosions in there to blow up an entire continent.

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