Did you know? All 'wa-' characters actually are images of Super Mario Characters, which were (in an ultra-lousy way) inverted in MS Paint, then uploaded to this wiki! Pretty much lazy huh?

WaMario is the Wa- version of Mario. Nintendo created him with the Wa-Machine, because they needed more haters. Wamario appeared in a few minor shames before his appearance in Super Daisy 64, where he worked for WaDaisy and tried to stop Daisy from taking back her castle. After failing three times, WaDaisy killed him using the knife. Later on, WaDaisy rehired WaMario after he respawned to go with WaWaluigi and WaBowser into the Wa-Machine. The three of them  were used in creating WaBowarigi, a clone who had attributes of all of them.

WaMario's part was the weakest part of the combination, and was what caused WaBowarigi to alway ask when the next meal was.

After deciding being a villain is bad, he switched sides, became smart by watching Tom Stick do his work and now lives in Captain 0 Land as a scientist.

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