WaDr. Robotnik
WaDr. Robotnik


Gender: Male
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Blue
Species: Wa-Guy
Home: North Hyrule
AKA: Your worst nightmare
Likes: Sagnip and Noitomorp
Dislikes: WaSonic
Education: He doesn't need one
Occupation: Assistant of Bowser
Known For: Founding UnPanem
UnRank: 564
Promotion: Noitomorp

WaDr. Robotnik is the Wa-Guy version of Dr. Robotnik! (dun dun dun) He is the inventor of Sagnip and Noitomorp and the archenemy of WaSonic. He became jealous of Dr. Robotnik ruling a communist country so he founded one of his own. He is the son of Neck Joe and Mama Snow. His brothers are WaRobotnikClauseWaWaMr. L and President Snow. The reason he and two of his brothers were born Wa-Guys is because Mama Snow ingested part of the Wa-Machine after Somebody put it in her donut. He is the second eldest of his brothers, with the oldest being President Snow.


  • He's rivals with WaDr. Eggman Nega because there is no WaDr. Eggman for WaDr. Eggman Nega to be rivals with.
  • All your Sagnip are belong to WaDr. Robotnik.

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