WaCreeper is the Wa version of the Creeper. He is more than 10 times as dangerous as the creeper and 10 times
104px-150px-Creeper (1)
more evil. His explosion is 8 times the destruction as a regular creeper because 2 cubed is 8. He may look less dangerous because he is pink, but this is not true. He made himself pink so people didn't run away so he could kill them without having to chase them. His power is so great that he was very close to becoming an undefeatable.

He became a Wa guy when a creeper once went into the Wa Machine because the creeper wanted to be more dangerous and evil. Only Nobody knows how he got out of the Minecraft world. He is the only creeper so far to ever escape from Minecraft.

People he has killed or tried to kill

  • Jinx (successful)
  • Steve from Minecraft (successful, respawned)
  • Mario (fail)
  • Many Skeletons from Minecraft (successful)
  • Endermen (successful)
  • Mobzilla (ultimate fail)
  • Benson (failed)
  • Elsa (EPIC WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE MELTED HER AND ALL HER STUFF!!!)

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