Cquote1 EPIC WIN! Cquote2

WIN is a word to describe something that is not fail at all. In most cases, when a big explosion happens, you would say "Epic WIN", or when a prank is successful, you'd say "Epic WIN" yet again.

Wut is WIN?

Already explained. What this question is will truly not be WIN, because this question is FAIL.

How to tell if something is WIN

WIN in most cases is grammar error like "All your base are belong to us", which is so poor, it's WIN, simple as that. When a n00b is PWN3D, that is officially "Epic WIN".

Alternative words for WIN

  • Awesome
  • Cool
  • FTW
  • Anti-FAIL

Pictures of WIN

Here's a gallery of win pics. (WARNING: Wut your about to see may give you seizures of TOTAL WIN, so don't blame us for your accident)


I hope this won't kill yer eyes. (Heh heh...)


For all our gunz!!!11!!


How much WIN do you think this has?


Can u handle teh EPIC WIN ZONE?!


Something went wrong! Let the monkeys fix this!

U were saying?

Ha! Beat ya, I WIN, balls in ur face! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Related words

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