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Vriska Serket
Vriska Serket

Yes, that's her.

Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Yellow
Species: Troll
Home: Fiji
Likes: Hanging with Tavros Nitram and Terezi Pyrope, Keeping Fiji safe from Durham Francis, etc.
Dislikes: Having to worry
Occupation: Worrier Warrior
Known For: Representing Scorpio
UnRank: 1,000,000

Vriska Serket is among the Twelve Homestuck Trolls, and like them, she fights for justice. She has a metal left arm and an eyepatch on the left eye due to This is Bob badly injuring her. He was thankfully prevented by Tavros Nitram.

Like the other eleven Homestuck trolls, she represents a Zodiac sign, Scorpio, and the thing is that there is one element per three signs, and it is Water for Scorpio (Along with Cancer and Pisces).

Since that, she bears the element of Water (Along with Karkat Vantas (Cancer) and Feferi Peixes (Pisces)).

Her signature color is cerulean (Literally).

All we know when it came to sign-sharing is that she shares the exact same sign as Bill Gates (Head of Microsoft).

She is also the president of Fiji, and named it "Vriskaland".

Vriska Serket spent time trying to stop Armoured Skeptic from being an offensive person on YouTube.

She's also in a deep relationship with Tavros Nitram. They both hang out and do stuff together in person.

She's also BFF's with Terezi Pyrope.

Despite that, she is sorrowful sometimes, and unfortunately, she gives up in battles sometimes as she's worried about being exposed.

Unfortunately, she's also a bit like Gamzee Makara, though not nearly as bad. This is presumably why Tavros Nitram pities himself as he wants her to be a heroine.

While on YouTube, DeviantArt, Facebook, 2chan, 4chan, and even 8chan (goes on there just because it had "8" at the start) she talks about how bad certain Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization members are. Especially Armoured Skeptic, Thunderf00t, Yottatron, Super Minecraft Kid, SammyClassicSonicFan, etc.

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