VIP Mario

VIP Mario is apparently an interesting shame.

VIP Mario is a shame that was made by Nintendo. It was originally sold in Antarctica, but penguins only like shames about fishing and World Domination, so it was sold in other parts of the world as well.


Nobody knows what this shame is about, because, by mistake, only VIPs were allowed to play it, so they lost money, so then people started getting mad, so they made it so anyone could play, but VIPS were mad, so they made only VIPs allowed to play, but then people were mad, so they just blew up their Nintendo base in Antarctica for making such a lame game, but then they realized that move was SO stupid, Homer Simpson was laughing about what idiots they were, and they were right, but then 2012 came, and Homer was sad for some reason, and then I forgot what happened, so go read a book.

Wow, the whole info section was covered in one sentence! AH MAN! These are sentences! Right class? "RIGHT MR. TEACHER!" SHUT UP CLASS! "YES MR. TEACHER." AUTIOULRUPOREEEECELCHUTI! "..."

Oh, and we didn't even mention Mario in this section! The name Mario was not said, and we're not going to say Mario... Oops. I said Mario

One time a Robloxian made a copy of this game and sold it on Roblox as a vip package. That Guy was later sued and ended up being the second victim of DarkBloxxer101.


  • NintenD'oh tried making a copy on this game, to change it so it's about Homer Simpson, but the plan failed so badly, that they started paying people $100 to buy the $20 game.
  • Don't play the game you lazy.
  • More to come.

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