The Troll-shaped UnUniverse, basis of all other universes.

The UnMultiverse is the collection of every universe in existence. No, I mean every universe that has ever existed ever! This means ALL of the stuff that has ever existed in any time or place in any universe EVER was in the UnMultiverse. This is some serious stuff that was discovered by Albert Einstein.

The UnMultiverse has existed since before time began. No, even before that. It is believed that even Chuck Norris was not alive when any of this crap was here. But it was all empty space. But then some big bang of some sort happened and the UnUniverse finally created itself. Since then, other universes have been created as well. The ruler of the UnMultiverse is Chuck Norris and the Undefeatables.

To keep things simple, all dimensions are considered to be an extension of the UnUniverse. The UnUniverse is the source of all other dimensions and universes.

Universes of the UnMultiverse

  1. UnUniverse - The basis of the entire UnMultiverse, and the first universe to ever exist.
  2. UnUnUniverse - a bizarro copy of the UnUniverse
  3. Real World - A mythical land where celebrities and fictional characters aren't responsible for everything.
  4. 4th Dimension - A weird place that we don't know much about.
  5. Heaven - A land where all of your wishes come true.
  6. Hell - A land of eternal torture and suffering.
  7. Nightmare Dimension - A scary land where all nightmares come true.
  8. Teletubby Land - Created from Hell, now the home of the Teletubbies.
  9. 9th Dimension - A land ruled by the Wa-Team
  10. Daedric Dimension - The home of the Daedra, magically linked to Skyrim
  11. Dragon Realms - Home of dragons. Has since collapsed and moved into the UnUniverse as Dragonrealm.
  12. Dimension 666 - Sub-dimension of Hell, later promoted to its own dimension.
  13. Minecraft - Dimension created by Notch because he forgot to trim his fingernails.
  14. Seussville - Dimension created by Dr. Seuss to store his hideous creations.
  15. Loserverse- Where all the stupid people are being kept.
  16. Captain 0 Land - Formerly the Giygas dimension, a land where Captain 0 rules with an awesome fist.
  17. Turtle Dimension - A universe where Turtles are the dominant species.
  18. Final Dimension - Ironically, there are more dimensions after it.
  19. Dimension 1 - Though the 19th dimension, it is in 1D. This is why it's called Dimension 1.
  20. Negativerse - The universe where everything is negative.
  21. Awsomeverse - Everything is so AWESOME there!
  22. Hammer Zone - Filled with multicolored hammers.
  23. UnMario Universe - An alternate dimension where everything focuses around Mario. The UnMario Wiki is located in this universe.
  24. Undefeatable Palace - A palace that exists in its own dimension. Serves as home and meeting place of the Undefeatables.
  25. Internet - The internet is a magical place. A disturbing, horrifying magical place.
  26. Flat Zone - A weird place no mortal can explore.
  27. Explosion Land - A dimension made by Your Mom where everything explodes.
  28. Box Dimension - Let's not talk about this dimension. Tinky Winky blew it up.
  29. Wackyverse - An alternate dimension where everything focuses around Phyllis Hyman. The Wackypedia is located in this universe.
  30. Peepers the Elephant Universe - An alternate dimension where everything focuses around Peepers the Elephant. The Peepers the Elephant Galaxy Wiki is located in this universe.
  31. Lolcat Dimension - An alternate dimension where all Lolcat pictures are set.

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