Not to be confused with the in-universe place.

The Teletubby Land Acid Lake is where UnAnything users discuss whether or not an article or other page should be deleted. Pages listed here are debated until the community reaches a consensus.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Only registered users who have been active in the community may vote on TLALs.
  2. Using multiple screenames and/or getting your friends to sign up for a Wikia account for the sole purpose of voting on a TLAL is frowned upon, and as such the offending votes will be removed.
  3. Unless there is a question of procedural irregularity, the TLAL result is final, and if the result was anything other than "Keep" or "No consensus", the page should not be recreated.

To create a new TLAL:

  1. Place the {{Tlal}} template at the top of the page to be deleted.
  2. Once the page is saved, follow the instructions provided and create a TLAL discussion page.

Remember, site policies and practices regarding user conduct still apply on Teletubby Land Acid Lake forums. Abusive and condescending language will not be tolerated. Comment on the content, not the contributors.

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