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Thanos is a god who founded the Ultimate Platinum Overlord Invasion Organization and is the first member chronologically (Duh). Because he is a god, he is an obvious undefeatable. His powers are worse than Googolplex, the Daemon Sisters, and The Chosen One combined.

Thanos is also the yin to NaN's yang, both destroy and create respectively, however Thanos more likely destroys while the latter creates more likely.

He has the ability to erase half of the universe at the snap of his fingers after he had all six Infinity Stones:

  • The Red Reality Stone (Which was gained from being stabbed by Bellossom, but coming back via dubious methods)
    • It allows him to show others what places used to look like.
    • It was hidden underneath North UnAmerica.
  • The Orange Soul Stone (Which was gained from sacrificing Bellossom at a temple in Africa)
    • It allows him to have easy flashbacks and communicate with the dead.
    • It was hidden underneath Africa, though it ascended to him after Thanos sacrificed Bellossom.
  • The Yellow Mind Stone (Which was gained from pulling said hidden Infinity Stone out of Gallade's brain)
    • It allows him to read others' minds easily.
    • It was hidden underneath Pac-Land, which was placed in Gallade's brain.
  • The Green Time Stone (Which was done by killing off the Space Marine Soldier)
  • The Blue Space Stone (Which was done by stealing it from Mr. Krabs)
    • It allows him to teleport.
    • It was hidden underneath South UnAmerica, Mr. Krabs sought after it and have it locked shut in his vault in his Anchor-shaped house.
  • The Purple Power Stone (Which was done by stealing it from Optimus Prime).
    • It allows him to torture his enemies very easily.
    • It was hidden underneath Europe, Optimus Prime found it in the ground after he found it lying in Europe, later putting it in his vault locked safe and secure in his vault in the Autobot Shuttle, which later got burnt after stealing the Purple Power Stone by wrecking the vault, which he then used to burn the Shuttle and threw Optimus Prime out.


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