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The UnAnything Wiki is what you get when you mix video games, internet memes, and pop culture, and then a bunch of idiots try to document the universe it all happens in. Under the authority of Captain 0, we pledge to create the greatest humor wiki ever and defeat Captain 1, the most evil of wiki mascots! We are currently vandalizing 3,401 articles, and you gotta help us!

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Po is an evil Satanic teletubby, and the leader of the Teletubbies. She has evil powers and worships the devil. She has an evil fruitloop of doom on her head, and can use heat vision with it. She kills lots of people with her powers. She is the most feared of all the Teletubbies. She was once put in the BBC Logo. She featured a creepy smile. She eventually was asked for tax payment on getting into the logo, so she looked at her boss with her evil red eyes, and the boss decided to keep her in the logo. She stayed in it for 2 more years, before selling her soul to the boss to get her off, due to some, "embarrassing agreements". A shocking line she mentioned right after that situation was, "I don't need a soul, my friends and I are evil anyway".


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