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The UnAnything Wiki is what you get when you mix video games, internet memes, and pop culture, and then a bunch of idiots try to document the universe it all happens in. Under the authority of Captain 0, we pledge to create the greatest humor wiki ever and defeat Captain 1, the most evil of wiki mascots!

We are currently vandalizing 1,751 articles, and you gotta help us

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WANTED Article

Final Wars Godzilla

Godzilla is an obese lizard that likes destroying Tokyo for some reason. He is believed to be a dinosaur that was frozen in ice for several billion years. He was melted because certain morons invented global warming. He now gets his revenge by eating people. Nobody knows why he only attacks Tokyo. We are still trying to figure out why. (More...)

WANTED Article Election Poll For April

We are letting YOU vote for the next WANTED Article. The poll will close May 1st, 2014.

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The poll was created at 00:49 on April 1, 2014, and so far 27 people voted.

UnAnything News: Hot off the Coffee Table

  • We now have userboxes! They are shiny little boxes that you can put on your userpage. See a list of them here.
  • We now also have Youtube Player! Now you can listen to music in your profile.
  • Flappy Bird is like Angry Birds except the person who plays it is the one who is angry.
  • I'm seeing lots of new users. Welcome to all new arrivals and I hope you'll stick around!
  • The wiki has been approved for a Wikia spotlight. Hopefully this will help bring in MOAR USERS.
  • I've added a new Heroes badge since we're at 1,500 articles now.
  • We're almost at 1,500 articles guys! keep it up and i'll add more badges.
  • Extremely important and not suspicious news for everyone to read right away!
  • I can see moar users are arriving to the wiki, advertise this on the other UnWikis.
  • THIS JUST IN!!! Nothing major is happening. The wiki is still dead.
  • GREAT REWARDS COMING UP!, If you make it to 2,000 articles, I will add loads of new badges and a massive extension to the game! - Yoshikoopa

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