UNBA Jam is a basketball shame released by EA Shames. In this shame, players control teams of 2 guys to burn themselves (be on fire) and win a basketball match.


Eastern Party

Western Party

Unlockable Teams

  • Team Annoying Orange - The Annoying Orange, Pear, (Unlockable - Midget Apple, Grampa Lemon) (Eat the basketball)
    • Team Peggle - Bjorn, Windy, (Unlockable - Luna, Tristin, Berg) ( Throw the ball out the window)
      • Corse: The Peggle Institute
  • Happy Team - Giygas, Pokey Minch (Collect 8 bonus music tracks)
  • Ultimate Reviewers - AVGN, Nostaliga Critic (Beat Mushroom Plumbers in 2 seconds)
  • Team Bowser - Bowser, Hammer Bro,Lakitu (Beat Mushroom Plumbers in Bowser's Castle in 3 minutes.)
    • Course: Bowser Castle
  • Team Alwas - Toros, Para-Dice(Unlockable - Groor) (Beat Mashrum Plambahz in 5 seconds)
    • Course: Sunset Shore
  • Team Kross - Kross, Aikka, Sul (Unlockable - Lord Furtur, Ondai) (Beat The Hand of Mastership with Gamelonean Dudes with the score of 1000000,0000000000000000000000)
    • Course: Flying Temple
  • Promotional Team - Dr. Robotnik, RobotnikClause (Ulockabe - Robotnik Sr., Momma Robotnik) (Beat Mobian Heroes with SSSSSS with the score of 8999:0)
  • Undefeatable - Chuck Norris, Cyber-Dee (Unlockable - Marx, Bob Saget, T-5000) (Unlock everything else and defeat them)
    • Course: Final Galaxy
  • Light Eaters - Gorthan, Destroyer of Light , Ganon (Unlockable - Noob  Saibot) (Beat Squadala Basketball in 1 second)
  • Mecha Fighters - Gundam RX-78, Optimus Prime (Unlockable - Grendizer) (Beat SSSSSS with the score of OVER 9000)
    • Course: Moon Colony

Other Courses

  • Megastar
  • Dinosaur World Course
  • Battlefield/2/3/2142
  • Rainbow Stadium
  • Morshu's Bombs Warehouse
  • New York City
  • Possum City


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