Trashcat is a cat of an unknown breed that resides on Earth. It is most well known for sleeping in trashcans (DUH!). This happened because it was born in a place, and went to hide in a trash can for some reason (maybe it thought there was a monster). It has hid in trashcans ever since.

Trashcat's motives for hiding in trashcans is unknown. But all cats are evil, so we know it can't be good. If noticed, Trashcat will try to convince people to feed it. If it is not noticed, it will scream "SNEAK ATTACK!" it cat-language, and then fly at someone.

Trashcat is currently wanted, and every Police person in the world is searching trashcans, hoping to find Trashcat and get the $0.03 reward. Nobody has found Trashcat, so Trashcat is still at large. You should dig in all trashcans you see, just in case. If Anybody questions this behavior, don't mind them, because this just means this person will be attacked by Trashcat.

Trashcat is believed to come from royalty, as it is King Harkinian's seventh cousin eight times removed. This makes Trashcat 963rd in line for the throne of Hyrule.