Toy Story 5
Toy Story 5 is an evil sequel to Toy Story 4. In the movie, Buzz Lightyear and Woody are reincarnated by Ganon to cause mayhem and attack young children.


Gannon and his minions have seized the city if San Francisco, and he wants to revoke fear on the city, so he takes the evilest toys he could find in the whole world, and has them handed out to innocent children. The goal was to get the children of high ranking San Fransicoins to own these toys so they would come to life and assassinate their designated targets. So, Buzz and Woody are given to a young girl named Christy, a young girl who is the daughter of the Mayor. Woody and Buzz come to life at night and go into the Mayor's room. They enter the room, and are attached by a wild dog that jumped through the window at the exact the moment they entered. The Mayor screamed, and his guards entered the room. They tried to shoot and kill the dog, but were unable to. The dog ran out of the room with the toys in his mouth. He ran out of the house, down the street, into an alleyway, and started ripping Woody to shreds. He was dead. Then he moved onto Buzz Lightyear, and he chewed him to hell and back. The two heroes of the movie are brutally murdered, and the movie screen goes to black. You hear Woody and Buzz screaming for help the rest of the movie.

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