Toy Story 4 is a movie and sequel to Toy Story 3. It stars Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and other Toy Story Characters as they must survive cabin fever.


Andy and his family wanted to go on a trip to the mountains. Andy, being the strange and emotionally needy child he is, took every single toy he owned with him. He and his family went into the cabin, when an avalanche was triggered. They went into the cabin, and the snow form the avalanche trapped them in the windowless cabin. The family was able to maintain sanity for a few days, but tensions were building. Andy snapped and killed everyone. He grew hungry and turned to self cannabalism. Buzz Lightyear was suffering the most. He was going insane, and the other toys were worried. Then, toys started to "disappear," and Buzz was acting strange. Then, he snapped. He started killing everyone. Toy after toy with his death lazer. There was no stopping him. He killed everyone. Then, he turned the lazer on himself, and killed himself


Many critics think that this movie was horrible. MSNBC said that "This movie will ruin your childhood and everything you believe in.". This movie is banned worldwide.

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