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Toilet Paper: The Movie 2 (known as The Dumb Movie in many areas) is a Hollywood movie created by Bowser Studios. It is the sequel to Toilet Paper - The Movie.


Mario is now playing with his toilet paper like a Cat would. He slaps it, and it starts to roll. He chases after it, but it GOTTA GO FAST. It eventually goes into the sewers. Mario finds Luigi, and they go after it together. First, they blow a hole in the road with a bomb they stole. They crawl in, and then the Goombas gang up on them. Mario grabs a flower, eats it, and then shoots fire at them. They get out of the way, but then they use their Shoop da Whoop power. Luigi takes a Starman, and blocks their attack. Mario then jumps on them, and they go back to Goomba Land. Mario then finds the toilet paper, but Bowser grabs it. He then shows them he has Peach as a hostage AGAIN. Mario Saves Peach.


  • Mario is the protagonist of this movie. He is on a quest to re-retrieve his toilet paper.
  • Luigi is the sidekick and brother of Mario. He helps get the toilet paper.
  • Bowser is the true Main antagonist who stole the toilet paper near the end. He is a turtle/dino/tortoise/dragon monster.
  • Starman is a star shaped man that Luigi ate so he could become invincible.
  • The Teletubbies are villainous beings who attack the Mario bros in the sewers. They are allied with Bowser.
  • Peach is the damsel in distress that failed to save herself from Bowser


Everybody hated it and Nobody liked it. It was so bad that Bowser Studios ceased production of the Toilet Paper series. However, Happycat made a sequel to hypnotize dumb people. MLG Captain 0 also made his own version which was MLG and cool, so it got more box office and more good reviews. Happycat was so sad about the MLG version doing better in the box office that he attacked Teletubby Land.

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