Ttt shame

shame while devlopment.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is a EXTREMLY AWFUL Shame that was supposed to be released to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. However, due to unusual circumstances and the large amount of glitches the only copy in existence has, it was unreleased.


Not much is known about how the Shame operated, played, or even how the plot went. There was only one copy left in existence, but it was destroyed by its owner because it was too hard to play. An unfortunate loss, for the shaming community indeed. There is only one screenshot of the game, and it shows it in all of its glory.

It's been retrieved by WaMario as a side-objective from making a time machine (which worked). Roundhouse Kick Games is currently mass-producing it, but its production is taking place in space, so Nobody is buying it.


the game was given a -100000000000000. Thomas hated the shame so much as well.