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Cquote1 This is Bob, copy and paste him so he can take over the WORLD. Cquote2
"This is Bob" before trying to take over the world on his own
Cquote1 Bob? THIS... IS... SPARTA, YOU FOOL! Cquote2
Mr. T before killing This is Bob by kicking him into a bottomless pit
This is Bob

Bob the Copy and Paste

Gender: Male?
Hair color: NA
Eye color: White
Species: Stick Figure
Home: YouTube
Death: PWNed by the Upper Counsel
AKA: Bob the Copy and Paste, (Simply) Bob, Biggest Threat Ever, Conqueror of the World
Likes: Taking over YouTube plus the rest of the world
Dislikes: Admins, his brother
Education: N/A
Occupation: World Conqueror
Known For: Attempting to conquer the UnUniverse
UnRank: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Promotion: No

This Is Bob

This Is Bob

Bob's Manifesto.

This is Bob was one of the biggest Satanist Empire members that lotsa people were trying to deal with during the 51st century before his retreat in 5050. He really wants to take over the UnUniverse. Thus, he started the This is Bob War, named after himself.

This is Bob is the great-grandson of Fortran, grandson of Grand Dad and Grand Mom, son of Shinzo Abe, and brother named This is Carl. The latter eventually got killed by him.

He allied the Galactic YouTube Trolling

He even has his own TV show called "The Bob Show".

In addition to all of this, he's one of the bronze aces of the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization.

He hates everybody who is NOT a villain.
This Is Bob - copy and paste me!!

This Is Bob - copy and paste me!!

He's forcing everybody to copy-paste him!!!! It's also the intro for his show, which is also his own theme!!!!

Bob's Army vs Google+

Bob's Army vs Google+

This is an example of him cloning himself, this is when he ordered some of his clones to invade Google+.

This is Bob can also clone himself by multiplying himself by a very large number or he brainwashes innocent YouTubers to copy, paste, and duplicate him.

Super Bob Bros

This, despite it being such a crappy ripoff, is many well-known people's favourite game, due to drastic improvement over the original game.

He is allies with Creepy Mask Man, Po, Flower, and the GYTC.
ThisIsBob Explosion

Bob had a bit too much fun in Ukraine...

He traveled all over YouTube from Keyboard Cat to Nyan Cat to Gangnam Style to Harlem Shake, and to even Me at the Zoo.

ThisIsBob GiveUp

He gave up, looking for a new home far, far, far, FAR away from the solar system!

This is Bob gave up, he did so on 5050, and he said "F**k it, you heroes win", nobody knows when he will be coming back, though he left the Solar System, and went out searching for a new home.

After everybody heard about that, several party planners threw a huge party, and an even huger number of people attended it.

While in an unknown planet in an unknown galaxy in the year of 5078, he heard about Space Marine Soldier harassing his villain friends some more, though he wasn't sure if he should stop him. Space Marine Soldier went out of the Solar System in order to search for This is Bob, which led him going back to Earth in the year of 5200!
This is Bob RETURNS


He gained the ability to grow as huge as quarter the size of the Sun, and after returning to the Solar System in 5200, he threatened to crush Earth with his bare hands.

He was formerly friends with Flygon and Garchomp, but then they became enemies with each other after they became heroes, leading to him pwning them.

He was ended by the Anti-Bob Coalition.


He was created in 2007. Back then, he was a good guy. After failing to stop Google from blowing up YouTube in 2013, he died, becoming split in half into a good Bob who is only against Google+ and the half you're reading about. He was revived in 5207 by Basement Cat, and became evil before getting killed AGAIN by Mr. T and AkaRed in 3,420,005 AD, but was then revived AGAIN in 6,000,212,212 AD by none other than Googolplex.

After his second revival, he then joined the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization and became a bronze ace. He also gained a fusion with the demigod form of Kitteneegee.

Eventually, he reformed in the same way Space Marine Soldier did; he's now good and no longer Blows Stuff Up. However, This is Kitteneegee is still evil.

List of people he killed

  1. Repeater (Brother of Peashooter) (respawned)
  2. Ukraine (person)
  3. Superion (only disassembled, but this counts as a death)
  4. The Pyro (respawned)
  5. Hatty Hattington (He had to kill him twice since he got revived)
  6. Yoko Littner (respawned)
  7. Goofy (respawned)
  8. Donald Duck (respawned)
  9. Mickey Mouse (respawned)
  10. Furbies
  11. This is Carl (respawned)
  12. Spider-Man
  13. Flygon (FNT)
  14. Garchomp (FNT)
  15. Cynder (later revived)

List of people he NEARLY killed (Chronologically)

  1. Optimus Prime (pwned Bob all the way to the Zolar System)
  2. Bumblebee (blew Bob into the stratosphere)
  3. Abomasnow (Though fellow ace Escavalier killed him)
  4. Tsareena (same as above)

Don't copy-paste this!

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