The only picture in existence taken of The thing in the corner, wandering outside from his corner.

That thing in the corner over there is a strange creature that is seen in many racing shames, although he prefers RPGs (only his silhouette has been spotted in the background). Every now and again, he comes out of his corner to explore the world for no particular reason, making him lose his role as the thing in the corner (sometimes). His favorite TV Show is The Good Teletubbies Show.


  1. In 142, a soldier in the Roman Empire saw it while he was throwing things at enemies. This caused him to loose concentration, and he lost that fight.
  2. In 1778, George Washington spotted it while doing president of the United States things. He fell out of his chair, and then called his assistant on his cell phone.
  3. In 1942, Dr. Robotnik saw it, and tried to enslave it. It shot him with an energy blast, and Dr. Robotnik was in the hospital for a minute.
  4. In 1999, Pac-Man saw it, but he continued eating dots, as he is just a collection of pixels on a screen.
  5. In 2006, some guy spotted it having a coffee with the Lochness Monster.
  6. None.
  7. In 2011, Gorthan, Destroyer of Light saw it, and he tried to kill it but it was no use, it shot him with an energy blast, and Gorthan was in the hospital for an hour.
  8. In 2012, the same guy spotted it as the world was ending.
  9. In 2201, Kokonoe saw it in one her test tubes when she tried to create a trilobite.
  10. In 2211, Good Tinky Winky saw it while walking with his bag. He fed it some Tubby Custard, he hated it. It Shot Tinky Winky, and he was in the hospital for a second while having the custard.
  11. In the same year, Good Dipsy saw it while taking a walk with his hat. He accidentally steped on it, and it Punched him into The River Boyne.
  12. In 3146, Rosalina saw it destroying noo noo and ran away all the way to her ice world.
  13. Just now I.M.Meen saw it right behind you. He's got a knife. WADDAYAGUNNADOONOWHUH?!?!?!


  • He can eat cheese! But only on the second Wednesday in a month.
  • He isn't related to Anybody.
  • He IS related to Nobody.
  • He is evil, but he doesn't do much.
  • He is Slenderman 's half brother's dog's veterinarian's aunt's ancestor's uncle's grandpa 1023 times removed.

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