The Uncarousel of Unprogress is a morbidcally obese rotating theater building built in 1964 located in "Didneylame Unmagic Kingdump" involving Audio-Animafartics which are upgraded to Autonomafartics in 2012.


Here are the characters of the attraction, but they are animafartics.

  • Annoying Dad: A annoying dad who acts like a n00b and also misspells every word he says every time.
  • That Obese Mom: A morbidcally obese mom who likes to chomp on pizza mixed with trash.
  • Malleo: a master of Mario.
  • Mario: a useless slave owned by Malleo.


Scene 1

This scene starts out in 1920, with an Annoying Dad in the middle of the scene set, Malleo and Mario (as Malleo's slave) was seen working at the left and a Obese Mom, caught forcing in alot of pizzas mixed with trash in her mouth at the right.

Scene 2

This scene starts out in 1940 with a annoying dad 20 years older in the middle of the scene set. At the left, a Disney Worker was found, tied up in rope. At the right of the scene, a 20 years older Malleo and Mario was seen doing the same thing like in Scene 1.

Scene 3

This scene starts out with the same idiotic family watching Poor Moments with Mr. Lincoln at the 1964 New York World's Unfair. Notice that Lincoln was ALWAYS fat during this scene. Lincoln is talking in the creepy kid's accent.

Scene 4

This scene starts out in 1993 with the Carousel of Progress being demolished by the same family. Notice that Malleo doesn't wear his hat.

Errors, Malfunctions and Goofs

  • Error: When Malleo is talking, he is speaking backwards. This was patched in the 1965 update.
  • Goof:Despite Fault's plan, the Demolished Carousel of Progress isn't lit up using neon to make a fake fire when Malleo manically threw a molotov into the building. It is because Didneylame workers don't want real fire caused by the neon lights in the building. If they did, then the theater will catch on fire, ruining the Audio-Animafartics. They put up a different fake fire (actually a piece of paper, but Nobody cares) on the demolished Carousel of Progress.
  • Malfunction: In Teigareeoh 199, 1968, When Malleo is speaking, his stablizers detatch and he falls down, ruining him. Afterwards, he is not shown for 1 week.
  • Error: In Meenei 52, 1967, at the middle of Act 4, the TV broke down. A Didneylame worker noticed this, turned off the Audio-Animafartics, turned on the lights, and cancelled the rest of the show. The attraction was closed for 2 weeks, and the TV was not shown for 1 month.