The Scratch Cats Idiot Journey is a bad game only morons like Justin Beaver and a bush likes. The reason why this game is so stupid is beacuse The Scratch Cat is the player character. Also, epics hate this game. The Stupid One`s favorite shame. Losers love this game. After completing this game, Bill Crosby DID FIAH HIS LAZOR at the game. It was sold 9 copies.


The Scratch Cat is looking on his fridge in 10 minutes. Then, he gets sucked into it.


Level 1: Mushroom Kingdom: Boss: Mama Luigi ( is so stupid so he has 5 hp. )

Level 2: Possum City: Boss: Fatman and The Poker

Level 3: Arlen: Boss: Hank Hill ( First Run. ) Hungry Pumkin ( Second Run. ) Mrs. Dictator ( Third Run.)

Level 4: Soviet Russia: Boss: Dr. Eggman`s Soviet- Nator

Level 5: Lozerville: Boss: A Fat Dumb Kid and Another Fat Dumb Kid.

Level 6: Big Super Happy Fun Fun Evil China Land: Boss: Hungry Kim Jong-un ( First Run. ) Hungry Pumkin 2 ( Second Run.) Hungry Pumkin 3 ( Third Run. )

Level 7: Creators Room: Boss: You ( does nothing. Easy to beat )  

Level 8: Final Destination: Final Boss: Bowser ( 1th Phrase. ) Eviler Bowser ( 2th Phrase.) Super Eviler Bowser ( 3rd Phrase. ) Giant Bowser ( 4rd Phase. ) WaBowser ( one billionth phrase. )

Secret Final Boss: Chuck Norris ( impossible to beat. )

Super Secret Final Boss: No Legs

Super Mega Secret Final  Boss: Deluxe Chuck Norris ( OH SH#T!"

Super Ultra Mega Secret Final Boss: Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat, No Legs Again,Gravity Cat, Monorail Cat, Boss Cat ( fought in order. )

Super Ultra Mega Super Secret Boss So Secret So You Wouldn`t Find Him And You Got To Do Much To Unlock Him Secret Final Boss: The Utilmate Awesome One Who Turns Out To Be The Utilmate Chuck Norris ( nobody beaten him in OVAH 9000 years. )

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