The Motorcycle and the Mouse is teh GREATEST B00K 5EVAH (Greatest B00k Evah Awards, 1492, 1493, 1604, 1749, 1761, 1800, 1801, 2005, 2007). It was written by Albert Einstein. It is three pages long and according to many people is the greatest book ever written. The story consists of a motorcycle who runs over a mouse. The mouse then comes back to life and eats the motorcycle, but spits it out because mice can't eat metal. The motorcycle had learned a valuable lesson that day: Don't run over a mouse or you will soon be covered in slobber and mice will hate metal forever. A sequel is being planned for late 2013.


  • CheeseBook Award For Excellence in Cultural Literature (whatever that means)
  • 9 Greatest B00k Evah Awards
  • The Golden Mororcycle (awarded for certain story content)
  • The Golden Mouse (awarded for certain story content)
  • 4 Awards for a Book of Great Majesty
  • 2 Powning awards - Literature Category (what the heck is literature?)
  • Oldberry Medal for Excellence

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