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People on The Most Interesting Man.

The Most Interesting Man In The World (A.K.A. Quisor Jiei) is a very interesting politician. He doesn't usually care when people vote for him, but when he does, he makes sure they're voting so they can have munchies for everyone. He is very interesting. He doesn't usually listen to stoner rock, but when he does, he smokes the Mexican brick weed.

I don't usually make Character's Histories, but when I do, it's for very interesting politicians

Quisor was born in California. He didn't usually go to school, but when he did, he skipped at least two classes. When he grew up, he didn't usually take interest in politics, but when he did, it was enough for him to become the president of an organization. He is still the very interesting president of this very interesting organization to this day.

I don't usually make Trivia, but when I do, it's very interesting

  • He is very interesting.
  • He likes pie.
  • He likes drugs.
  • He likes stoner rock.

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