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The King is a massive, evil, dragon thing. He is very hard to kill, so I would say bringing a Big Bertha Sword with you. He is very, very, powerful, so you must run if you see him, unless if you are brave and will try to kill him, especially if you're a wa-guy (expect WaLaa-Laa, which is scared of him). He can also respawn, so he WILL come back to hug kill you. He is such a very powerful god.

He extremely hates Mobzilla and WaWaSnowball.

In the later years

Eventually, he teamed up agains every hero existing in this land ever, in order to help the biggest, ultimate, extremely powerful and evil threat under the name of This is Bob, which is more evil than Snowball and Vagineer combined.

The King is an ally of This is Bob.

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