Gezol's House

It's more evil than it looks...

The House on Green Hill is a nickname that refers the the residence of the evil demon named Gezol. It is mainly shrouded in mystery, and those who have ventured into this house of nightmares never come out alive. Gezol has also made public mumblings about a "secret basement" in his house that even he fears to go into. There is also a swamp of blood next to it, presumably caused by the bodies Gezol has dumped in there.

On one October night in 2009, a group of teenage girls dared Hajime Kunihiro one of their friends to go into the house while Gezol was on vacation, and stay there for the night. The friend in question was never seen again.

A week later, the police investigated this mystery, and checked in the blood swamp, where they saw the friend's body perched on the shore. So does that mean all the evil that goes on this house is NOT caused solely by Gezol, as he was away at the time? Mysterious, indeed...

Later, in 2057, a house was built right next to the house. A day later, the new house burned down under mysterious means. However, Gezol does not know of this as he is currently isolated in the German prison. Only the Ruler of all universes can survive here.

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