Star Wars glitch
The Galactic Empire: The Shame is a shame about Darth Vader, the Death Star and Luke Skywalker.


The shame starts with Darth Vader killing one of the last jedi. Then, a guy with a hood comes, and tries to shoot lightning at him. Darth Vader opens his lightsaber, and deflects it. Then, Luke Skywalker comes in, and tries to kill them both. That is level one. The two get away from Luke, and level two is Luke trying to catch them. Level three is them using The Force to build the Death Star. The fourth level is Luke's bathroom break. It's just a camera staring at a closed bathroom door while Luke sings four verses of "I'm the last Jedi, so I'm awesome". Level five is the final fight where Luke beats them, but then he wimps out and runs away. Both sides pretend that never happened.


I dunno. It was a shame. And it got reception. It was... good. Or was it bad? Let's just say it's half-quarter mixed good slash bad ultra weird.

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