The Canada Song is a song that was sung by Toka Ryuumonbuchi, Jun Inoue, and Tomoki Sawamura. It was sung when Tomoki and Jun were making fun of Canada, and Toka gets mad at them. Hilarity then insues.


  • Takes place in the dining room of Ryuumonbuchi Manor*

Tomoki: *Talking to Jun*...And then the drunk guy says 'I can't help being an idiot, I'm Canadian!'"

  • Both of them laugh*

Jun: You're right, they're so pathetic,Tomoki!

  • Canadian whistling sound is heard*

Tomoki: Huh?

Toka: *Walks in in a Canadian Ranger Uniform* Enough! There's been too much Canada bashing for far too long! I say no more!

Tomoki: Don't you mean no more eggs?

Jun: *Laughing* Good one, sis! They are so stupid!

Toka: Stop it now! Instead let us offer our northern brothers and sisters THIS song of tribute!

  • Canadian Anthem begins to play*

Toka: Oh I wish I was back in old Canada,

a land which I never shall lampoon!

How I pine for the eyes covering Lake Manatoga,

and the beauty that is Saskatu~!

Tomoki: I got one -

Oh I wish I trapped in the hills of Alberta,

drinking beer with some big dumb guy trapping fur!

as he scraped and he chiseled all the moose dung off his boots, I would learn that he's the prime ministe~r!

Toka: Oh stop that!

Jun: Oh I wish I was in the land that gave us Peter Jennings, a land that's where I could meet Mike Meyers too!

Toka: Ha!

Jun: No I take that back I wouldn't go there even if ya paid me! Oh Canada, you're a place I must refu~se!

Toka: Now this is not in the spirit that I intended!

Tomoki: Oh come on, give in I mean after all they gave us Nickelback, and Rush!

Jun: Yeah, who are you defending, they're such thieves!

Toka: OK I'll try...

Tomoki: Alright! Go ahead.

Toka: Oh I wish I was blowing up Prince Edward Islands,

and going on to bomb Ontario!

The destruction of Canada and all of it's culture,

is by far my favo~rite scenario~!

Tomoki: OK, that's a little strong...

Toka: *Laughing a litte* No, no you were right Tomoki, this is much more fun!

Just where the hell does Canada get off sharing a border,

with Countries far superior to i~t?!

Jun: Yikes!

Toka: Why you lousy stinkin' francophonic bacon loving bastards, you're countrie's just a giant piece of sh-

Jun and Tomoki: Whoa whoa whoa whoa!

Tomoki: I think that's enough.

Toka: *Crying* I have no sense of proportion and am a disgrace to this uniform!

Tomoki: *Patting her on the back* No, no, now that's OK now calm down, we musn't hate! Musn't hate!

Jun: At least so bluntly.

Tomoki: Exactly right, must disguise our hate, just a little! It's OK now Toka, now calm down, calm down!

Toka: *Still crying* Desu wa ha ha ha...desu wa ha ha ha...


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