The Awesome Shame

The Awesome One is pointing a gun at some guy.

The Awesome Shame is an awesome shame starring The Awesome One. He is an epic, so this game is epic. (But, the cover and graphics SUCK!)


In this shame, the player must control The Awesome One to get to A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away. As The Awesome One wants to go here, nothing will stop him. The player starts in a lame tutorial level, but The Awesome One declares he is too awesome for that, and eats the level. Then, he is on Earth. The player must use his awesomness to get him to his destination. Since his awesomness is so epic, he can do whatever he wants. Once he gets there, he meets Freak with the Hood, and the game ends.


This was an epic game because The Awesome One was in it. Everyone loved it, and wanted more. That's why The Awesome One has more epic shames.

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