The Awesome One Meets Sonic

The Epic Cover of this Epic Game

The Awesome One Meets Sonic is an epic shame where The Awesome One, one of the greatest beings in the universe, meets Sonic


The Awesome One and Sonic meet each other in a dark alley. Sonic tries to mug him, but The Awesome One beats the snot out of him, literally. Sonic then decides this guy is awesome, and tells him about the evil Dr. Robotnik. The Awesome One is disgusted by this man, and they go after him. Tails and Knuckles tag along, but are knocked out when they see The Awesome One. Sonic and The Awesome One jump out at Dr. Robotnik, and attack. Though, The Awesome One does all the work. Then, Dr. Robotnik is arrested, and Robotnik Jr. attacks, but The Awesome One just kicks him, and walks away. Then, it fades away to the end credits, where everything has the name "The Awesome One" on it.


Despite the boringness of this shame, everyone loved it because it had The Awesome One in it. Biased Ratings didn't rate it, because of too much exposure to epicness.

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