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January 1st, 1997


July 8th, 2001


Eastern Europe and South-east Asia


The Teletubbies annihilated Sparta, A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away, a carrot patch and The German Prison. All damamge was repaired by the Undefeatables.

Major battles

Battle of Earth


The Teletubbies


Bowser Army


Tinky Winky
Ninja Teletubby
Evil Gorilla
Tubby Monster

CBBC, Pie, Humans

Bowser, Bowser Jr., Kamek, The Koopalings, Wizardheimer

The Teletubby War was a massive war that spread across the entire universe. This is considered one of the largest wars in history.

Leading Up To The War

The Teletubbies wanted to destroy stuff. That's about it. Oh, and they had an army.

The War

The first battle was the Battle of Earth. The Teletubbies considered this a major advantage point, and built up their army. On December 16, some year, they sent exactly 125,000 soldiers in with a fleet of over 100,000 ships. During the same time they encountered CBBC, an annoying fart powered machine that resorted the Teletubbies to cowardice but a few minutes later they blew it up, this was called The Tubby Trick. The Humans primary defense system kicked in, and knocked out many of the ships. But they still came, and blew up a load of stuff, causing mayhem and panic on a massive scale just for fun.

They then left earth to recover, and turned on the other planets of the solar system, sending in their fleet, and then destroying planets with the Teletubby Death Star.

They planned out several major attacks after that. They divided their forces into four groups. Tinky Winky led an attack on A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away. Dipsy must send his portion of the army into The German Prison. Laa-Laa must walk all the way to Sparta. Finally, Thumper led his forces to a carrot patch. All attacks were successful (after defeating numerous Force Guys, prisoners, Spartans, and carrots).

These were some of the most important areas in the UnUniverse, and things were starting to look hopeless for enemies of the Teletubbies. But there was one glimmer of hope. The Teletubbies refused to attack the area with an army as big as theirs: Hyrule. Hyrule had Bowser in it, and he is one of the most feared creatures ever.

Po decided this was the only way they could get the universe. He got every last soldier he had, and sent them all into Hyrule, moving in towards Bowser's Castle. Success. The troops marched their way into Bowser's Castle, and they had him down. The Death Star was aimed right at Hyrule, and ready to fire. But then Bowser turned into Eviler Bowser and sent the army flying back to Teletubby Land. He then turned into Super Eviler Bowser and jumped into space and sent the Death star back there too. This is the Teletubby Army's only failure to date.


All damage done by the Teletubbies was repaired by the Undefeatables and the Powers of Weakness, whilst the Teletubby Army regainined strength in Teletubby land. The Teletubbies were impressesd by Bowser's powers, and they became evil allies. They now sometimes go to war together, though the undefeatables and powers of weakness secretly undo the devastation they cause .

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