Mad Rabbit

The most famous Teletubby Land Bunny, Thumper

The Teletubby Land Bunnies are evil bunnies that live in Teletubby Land (duh). They are beings of evil and hatred that hate everyone ever except for the Teletubbies. They are all pathetic, except for Thumper, an evil Rambo-like bunny who is a skilled killer and ally of the Teletubbies. However, one day Thumper used the Tubby-tron 3000 to become a Teletubby, leaving all the other bunnies hopeless. Many Teletubbies, especially Tinky Winky, have since tried to get the other bunnies to also be soldiers in the Teletubby Army, but fail every time, as the rabbits are always sulking. They also send Furbies and Boohbah to get them to join, but they never manage either. This has lead to the bunnies of Teletubby Land being unpopular with many Teletubbies.

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