Teletubby Army

The important members of the Teletubby Army and Tinky-Winky

The Teletubbies are at war with pretty much everything in the UnUniverse, so they have to have a large army at their disposal. This is supposedly one of the most powerful armies in existence in terms of physical strength. Too bad it's ruled by absolute nutters.

The army's only failure was when they were defeated by Bowser and his alternate forms during their invasion of his castle. The thought that it would be a good place to invade other places from, but Bowser's defenses and attacks were awesome enough to dispose of the Teletubby Army.


  • Furbies (CREEPY respawnable goons)
  • Lemmings (Suicidal and stupid respawnable goons)
  • Worms (Annelid respawnable goons)

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