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Teletubbies Broadcasting Company was a secret TV Channel that aired secret episodes of the Teletubbies during the show's hiatus. The government still hasn't found out about this for 20 years. OH CRAP, RUN!!!! So new episodes are still being made. They also aired other episodes and their new over 9000 hour show called Lets be dangerous with TEH Teletubbies!!. The only network with this channel is called Py TV. The secret series is also viewable on a DVD known as the lost series.

A few months ago, they broadcasted the Regular Show on their channel.

Now, WaBilly Mays told the New UnMultiversal Order about TBS & the Order went to Teletubby Land & shut the channel down. After that, the Teletubbies(except for Po) died (but respawned), TBS was cancelled, The TV War was called off, Regular show was completely moved to Crap Network, (finally) Patrick got a life, Wario almost died from a heart attack, WaWaWario got saved, Benson got a life too & now lives in "Ben-Hut" in Hell, Po threw away about half of her guns, Noo Noo & Baby Sun got married, & Weegee stopped staring at people for about 5 minutes.


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