Techno Trousers
The Techno Trousers are robotic legs desinged by NASA for automated personal transport for astronauts during surface landings, and on other extra-vehicular activites. The Trousers can be contolled in thre ways: Manually, via the operators controls, using the pre-programming controls, and using the remote control. When used for transport, the operator sits on a padded saddle in the upper waist section of the Techno Trousers, their feet in the legs secured via a toe clip to the adjustable foot platforms. Vacuum generators in the soles of the feet allow the Techno Trousers to scale walls and walk upside-down.

To use the controls, the operator presses the blue button for the command they want, for example: "Walk", then use the red levers to adjust the settings, for examle: Direction: Forward, Speed: Medium, Amount: Five minutes. In case of miscalculation, it also includes a "Stop" button.

Strangely, a guy called Wallace used this to walk his dog, Gromit.

There are records of information of the Techo Trousers incident involving Wallace and Gromit, there are two video records below, one of them contains seizures and some mild adult stuff.


Wallace and Gromit - The Wrong Trousers29:00

Wallace and Gromit - The Wrong Trousers

Collage & Vomit sacrifice theirs plasticine trousers to Satan and the Perkele03:15

Collage & Vomit sacrifice theirs plasticine trousers to Satan and the Perkele

This record contains some adult stuff and seizures, +13.

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