The Tattaglia's symbol, showing what they wanted to do to the Earth.

The Tattaglia Family were a crime family that were originally the rulers of the Nagano City crime scene in the early 1940s. For 25 years they ruled Nagano's crime rate, with only the Fukuji Family as rivals, before the Ryuumonbuchi Family arrived and destroyed them both easily


The Tattaglia Family were born 1918 by Renwaldo Tattaglia. Renwaldo was a poor man who needed money, and, with the gathering of his other family members, his son Bruno being the most important one, gathered an army of mobsters to smuggle and take over Nagano.

The Tattaglia Family stayed mainly unnoticed for a few years, before the murder of Satoru Iwata, the senator of Nagano, which made them the most wanted crime group in Japan.

In 1945, they were crushed along with the Fukuji Family (who survived afterwords) by the Ryuumonbuchi Crime Family, who have since become the most powerful crime group in Nagano.

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