Swan Dollyn (Real name just Swan) is a crime-fighter in the Sicko Region. Swan used to be a gang member in Weegee's Cove, but then he became a masked hero. After The Overlord's "death" Swan was elected ruler of Circlemania.


Swan is a calm and stoic character. He is also very intelligent. For example, when White Tower exploded he decided to ride the rubble down to the bottom instead of jumping to his doom.

Early Life

Swan used to be the new leader of a gang called The Wario's. However, when a new Wario passed his initiation, he mysteriously disappeared.


Swan was revealed to be living in refuge at King Harkinian's dump of a house. Swan hated it. The bathroom floor felt like he was walking across a garbage dump for God's sake. He hated the King, too. All he did was sleep, so he slit his throat for it.

In 1991, Swan finally got the chance to escape the house. A member of Nintendo asked him if he wanted to come to the most dangerous Mario Party in existence. Swan said yes, and devised a plan. He would sneak off into the wood's when the party was at it's peak, find the underground The King's house railroad, and be home free. Swan walked a lonely road for most of the time after escaping the party.

Just when Swan thought he had made it, a group of vicious dogs bit him. The dogs were lead by that same member who invited him, and dragged him back to the King's house as punishment. Swan screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!' and was trapped in the King's house for another 7 years. Tough.

Weegee Wars

Swan escaped the house somehow and lived in a small city called Nubsworld, the Middle East. When Mario arrived, Swan wasn't sure what to expect. But Pikachu, the Weegee Army, and the Teletubbies convinced him to work with him. Swan escaped the burining White Tower (which would soon become the Tower of Stupidity after it was fixed) and killed some Weegee's. Swan discovers Pikachu hiding behind a curtain at the end, and Johnny C. kills it.


Swan left Nubsworld not long after the Weegee raid. He left to Circlemania, where he was a normal citizen. But when The Overlord was presumed dead, he was elected the new ruler of Circlemania. Unlike the tyrant TO was, Swan restored peace to the land.


"Hey...What's this curtain doing here??" - Swan, before finding out Pikachu was there.

"You don't wanna get up, buddy." - Swan, after killing a Weegee.

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