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Galactic YouTube Trolling Crew logo (Updated)

Their logo since 2017.

The Galactic YouTube Trolling Crew is a group of trolls representing a group of constellations. They formed in 2015.

Major members represent the Zodiac and the boss, JamesThePreacher represents the Orion constellation.

For members #1 - #75, their secondary representation (The planets) are in bold and means they are part of the subgroup, known none other as the YouTube Trollar System.
Galactic YouTube Crew Logo

Their former logo during 2015 - 2017.

List of members chronologically for each constellation

  1. SammyClassicSonicFan (Aries, the Ram)(1st Zodiac of March)
  2. Super Minecraft Kid (Taurus, the Bull)(2nd Zodiac of April)
  3. Coppercab (Gemini, the Twins)(3rd Zodiac of May)
  4. XXMysteriousManXx (Cancer, the Crab)(4th Zodiac of June)
  5. LifeInATent (Leo, the Lion)(5th Zodiac of July)
  6. MagicalPockyUsagi (Virgo, the Maiden)(6th Zodiac of August)
  7. Jessi Slaughter (Libra, the Scales)(7th Zodiac of September)
  8. Nascar221 (Scorpius, the Scorpion)(8th Zodiac of October)
  9. MarioTehPlumber (Sagittarius, the Archer)(9th Zodiac of November)
  10. MrGamingPerson (Capricornus, the Goat)(10th Zodiac of December)
  11. PeckcellaVonPeter (Aquarius, the Water-bearer)(11th Zodiac of January)
  12. Applemilk1988 (Pisces, the Fish)(12th Zodiac of February)
  13. Ickeriss69 (Draco, the Dragon)
  14. Armoured Skeptic (Perseus, the Knight and Mercury, the Ice Planet)
  15. BG Kumbi (Ursa Minor/Major, the Bears)
  16. Caiden Cowger (Circinus, the Compass)
  17. PimpinMasterDX (Centaurus, the Centaur)
  18. Eli J. Brony (Lupus, the Wolf)
  19. Cassidy Boon (Chamaeleon, the Chameleon)
  20. Dawah Man (Dorado, the Swordfish)
  21. Chris-Chan (Triangulum, the Triangle)
  22. DaG00t (Fornax, the Furnace)
  23. Roosh V (Phoenix, the Firebird)
  24. Ray Comfort (Eridanus, the River)
  25. Youlkerstiend1 (Crux, the Cross)
  26. Lynn Ann (Lepus, the Rabbit and Venus, the Metal Planet)
  27. Laci Green (Delphinus, the Dolphin)
  28. Logan Bray (Cetus, the Whale and Earth, the Grass Planet)
  29. Isvaffel7 (Musca, the Fly)
  30. Kylie Stocks (Lyra, the Harp)
  31. ELRealBoredMario64 (Vulpecula, the Fox)
  32. GTASkillz (Sagitta, the Arrow)
  33. JaredValdez4 (Camelopardalis, the Giraffe)
  34. Jared Milton (Caelum, the Chisel)
  35. Megasage007 (Bootes, the Shepherd)
  36. TheLastAbacus (Scutum, the Shield)
  37. Uwe Boll (Aquila, the Eagle)
  38. Thunderf00t (Telescopium, the Telescope and Mars, the Fire Planet)
  39. CMPuke101 (Microscopium, the Microscope)
  40. Aron Ra (Mensa, the Mountain)
  41. Adam Kokesh (Tucana, the Toucan)
  42. MonkeyGameGuides (Antlia, the Air-Pump and Jupiter, the Sky Planet)
  43. Durham Francis (Ara, the Altar)
  44. IntelligentCoDFanboy (Norma, the Carpenter's Square)
  45. Onision (Columba, the Dove)
  46. AKNotHoleResident (Equuleus, the Horse)
  47. ADoseOfBuckley (Serpens, the Snake)
  48. 3pacTV (Lacerta, the Lizard)
  49. 0u75p0k3n (Auriga, the Charioteer)
  50. Warcorpse666 (Horologium, the Clock)
  51. AdvancedEdition (Argo Navis, the Ship)(Is actually a combination of three constellations, Carina (Keel), Puppis (Poop Deck), and Vela (Sails))
  52. Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Ophiuchus, the Snake-Charmer)("13th Zodiac")(Zodiac Master)
  53. ChachaHindustani (Pavo, the Peacock)
  54. Anita Sarkeesian (Volans, the Flying Fish)
  55. TheReviewSpace (Corvus, the Crow)
  56. Spudroosi (Sculptor, the Sculptor)
  57. Josh Markey (Hydrus, the Sea Serpent)
  58. SilverKnight171 (Hercules, the Bodybuilder and Saturn, the Stone Planet)
  59. Cindybin2001 (Cassiopeia, the Queen and Uranus, the Light Planet)
  60. Tobakilacion (Cepheus, the King and Neptune, the Water Planet)
  61. Da Bezd Chanl (Crater, the Cup)
  62. Madmax53357 (Pictor, the Painter)
  63. Trent Morrison (Sextans, the Sextant)
  64. Reece Kendrick (Octans, the Octant)
  65. TheBalishChannel (Pyxis, the Mariner's Compass)
  66. PhyloFilms (Canis Minor/Major, the Dogs)
  67. GyroHedgie453 (Corona Australis/Borealis, the Crowns)
  68. Chad Warden (Reticulum, the Reticle)
  69. Logan Swan (Apus, the Extraordinary Bird)
  70. Shoe0nHead (Monoceros, the Unicorn)
  71. Harolds Cat (Lynx, the Cat)
  72. MuesProductions (Grus, the Crane)
  73. Scourge Forward (Pegasus, the Winged-Horse and Pluto, the Dark Planet)
  74. Alex Mae Muholland (Andromeda, the Princess)
  75. CodyTheKingOfYouTube (Indus, the Indian)

The Zodiac Master

The dictator of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan also has been a troll on the internet while being a dictator towards his own country. However, he looked up at the sky and saw the Ophiuchus constellation. He then became the 52nd member and got the powers of the Ophiuchus constellation, and since it was rumored the "13th Zodiac" due to the Zodiac line or whatever crossing through Ophichus right between Scorpius and Sagittarius. Coincidentally, 13 x 4 = 52....... He's also the one who leads the Zodiac under JamesThePreacher's commands.


JamesThePreacher said that the 75th troll (CodyTheKingOfYouTube) was the final troll and was to begin with as he didn't want to go beyond 75 and not even 80 or 85 because he thought 75 was plenty for him to conquer the galaxy and also thought that some of them were just lazy variations of other ones as opposed to new ones (Leo Minor being a lazy variation of Leo for example, and Piscis Austrinus being a lazy variation of Pisces, both of which could've been done into truck and helicopter constellations respectively).

Upgrading the members

JamesThePreacher decided to upgrade nine of his trolls and gain the power-up abilities of the nine planets of the Solar System and put them in a group of YouTube trolls who have the ability to access Solar System-themed power-ups named the "YouTube Trollar System".

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