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Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization

The BRAND new logo! Featuring the flags of Africa, Asia, and Europe on the left, and Oceania, South America, and North America on the right, and Russia in the center representing the founder and absolute leader.

The Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization (SYTFAO) is the new YouTube Troll group that was established in June 15, 3055; 1,100 years after the Warsaw Pact's establishment in 1955. It was founded by a "preacher" hailing from Russia named JamesThePreacher, he revived the original members of the original group, and as well as hired 15 new trolls from 15 other foreign countries around the globe.

They are supported by another troll hailing from Iran named MrGamingPerson (He joined later on).

Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization 50th

Their 50th anniversary logo.

They had a 50th anniversary in 3105, and as of that time, there were 36 members (Plus JamesThePreacher makes 37), they all gathered and hunted down a lot of people. Its 50th anniversary logo had a hexagon behind it rather than a star-and-circle, and the hexagon was divided into rainbow colors, and each of which represented a continent; going clockwise, red represented Europe, blue represented Asia, yellow represented Africa, purple represented Oceania, orange represented South America, and green represented North America. That time, the YouTube trolls of Cuba, Bolivia, Vanuatu, France, Iran, and Congo joined.

Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization 100th

Their 100th anniversary logo.

They had a 100th anniversary in 3155, and at that time, there were 42 people. That time, the YouTube trolls of Haiti, Paraguay, Tonga, Spain, Algeria, and Philippines, joined. Its logo was similar to the 50th anniversary one, except moving having the hexagons on the very left and right side of the gold, the red stars near the corners of the Russian flag, some pillars, and the new flags at the time.

They had a 150th anniversary in 3205, and at that time, there were 48 people (Plus the "special guest"). That time, the YouTube trolls of the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Kiribati, Portugal, South Africa, Korea, and Turkey (The "special guest", you can see below) joined.

Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization 150th

Their 150th anniversary logo.

Between their 100th and 150th anniversaries (More likely their 125th anniversary), the Prime Minister of Turkey (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) started supporting them; he joined around 3186.

Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization 200th

Their 200th anniversary logo.

They had a 200th anniversary in 3255, and that time, they had 60 members. That time, the YouTube trolls of the following countries of Belize, Honduras, Ecuador, Venezuela, Palau, Samoa, Poland, Austria, Cameroon, Sudan, Syria, and Vietnam joined. No more were able to join as JamesThePreacher said so. Erdogan planned the 200th party rather than JamesThePreacher since Erdogan learned how to do stuff on his own in the group.

They had a 250th anniversary in 3305, and that time, they went out and tried to hunt down everyone around the world.

Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization 250th

Their 250th anniversary logo; one fourth of a millennium.

They had a 300th anniversary in 3355, and at that time, they had 72 members. The YouTube trolls of the following countries of Nicaragua, Jamaica, Suriname, Aruba, Papua New Guinea, Micronesia, Hungary, Greece, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uzbekistan, and Indonesia joined at that time. JamesThePreacher was now literally serious on that, but then he supposed that there are plenty of European, African, and Asian nations out there, so he thought about merging the Americas and Oceania as "Neokosmos".

Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization 300th

Their 300th anniversary logo; not much different than the 250 one other than new countries and adding guns.

Before the 350th anniversary, MonkeyGameGuides, Coppercab, and XXMysteriousManXx recently scrambled their positions; XXMysteriousManXx became the new European leader, Coppercab became the new 2nd-in-command of the European troll subgroup, and MonkeyGameGuides became 3rd-in-command.
Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization 350th

Their 350th anniversary logo! Boy it's a vast difference than the 300th one! With North and South Americas and Oceania merging into "Neokosmos", doubling swords and guns, adding TWO large flags, two flames, and the addition of 6 new countries for each Europe, Asia, and Africa (18 total for the new members)!

By the Quincentennial (500th) Anniversary of the SYTFAO, they launched an invasion on 4chan and DeviantArt, and with Yottatron suggesting the idea of some of them being hacked. They had 24 members for each Europe, Asia, and Africa that time.

By the Octocentennial (800th) Anniversary of the SYTFAO, they launched an invasion on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and did the same thing as they did last time.

When the Millennial (1,000th) Anniversary of the SYTFAO hit, they launched an international Onslaught and wrecking most of the property on other countries, especially on ones they hailed from. They had 36 members for all Neokosmos, Europe, Asia, and Africa, meaning they had 144 members.

CuteFuzzyWeasel of Antarctica was considered their WORST nightmare as he opposes them and made a ton of commentaries on them with his video series known as "Feeding the Trolls".

Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization 400th

The 400th logo. Not much on it other than waves being added and the Angolan flag being there other than representing that Chris-Chan was the secret secretary at the time as he left in 3476 and didn't return until 3554.

Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization 450th

The 450th logo. Not much different than new members.

Super YouTube Friendship Agreement Organization 500th

The 500th logo, which is one half of a millennium. Notice even more countries and Chris-Chan (Hailing from Angola) coming back! Plus tanks added to the side and the "classic" wreath being around the troll face.

List of members chronologically for each continent

The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Turkey; Recep Tayyip Erdogan was happy to see people trolling the internet, he then asked to join and become the prime minister, and always willing to follow JamesThePreacher's orders.

Post-Tricentennial (300th) Anniversary (Still numbered chronologically for each continent, but asterisks mark new members after the 300th)

Super Bosses

"Neokosmos" (Lit. "New World")

  1. Super Minecraft Kid (America)(Neokosmos North America boss)
  2. Jared Milton (Mexico)
  3. Megasage007 (Canada)
  4. Majalski666 (Guatemala)
  5. Onision (Panama)
  6. Nascar221 (Cuba)
  7. Roosh V (Haiti)
  8. VeryInvalid (Dominican Republic)
  9. Phylo Films (Belize)
  10. CoachDaveTV (Honduras)
  11. DarksideRed992 (Nicaragua)
  12. Tommy Parky (Jamaica)
  13. SammyClassicSonicFan (Brazil)(Neokosmos South America boss)
  14. Kylie Stocks (Argentina)
  15. IntelligentCoDFanboy (Chile)
  16. TheReviewSpace (Colombia)
  17. ShadowDehHedgie5679 (Peru)
  18. ELRealBoredMario64 (Bolivia)
  19. Garrett Simmers (Paraguay)
  20. LordZedd16 (Uruguay)
  21. CodyTheKingOfYoutube (Ecuador)
  22. Eli J. Brony (Venezuela)
  23. Logan Bray (Suriname)
  24. Phantom409 (Aruba)
  25. Gligar13Vids (Australia)(Neokosmos Oceania boss)
  26. MarioTehPlumber (New Zealand)
  27. Durham Francis (Fiji)
  28. Thunderf00t (Tuvalu)
  29. Pipweed (Nauru)
  30. ManOfKnowledge1000 (Vanuatu)
  31. BieberBabyBopper (Tonga)
  32. daG00t (Kiribati)
  33. RJ Bandsma (Palau)
  34. TheVigilantChristian (Samoa)
  35. 3pacTV (Papua New Guinea)
  36. Ray Comfort (Micronesia)


  1. xXMysteriousManXx (Germany)(Europe boss)
  2. Coppercab (Italy)
  3. MonkeyGameGuides (Great Britain)
  4. Da Bezd Chanl (Ukraine)
  5. MagicalPockyUsagi (Norway)
  6. Trent Morrison (France)
  7. BG Kumbi (Spain)
  8. SilverKnight171 (Portugal)
  9. Skyler Hawkins (Poland)
  10. Uwe Boll (Austria)
  11. Lynn Ann (Hungary)
  12. Inez Thomas (Greece)
  13. Plazm1d94 (Croatia)*
  14. Isvaffel7 (Finland)*
  15. William Jensen (Sweden)*
  16. ProHeadShotGamer (Denmark)*
  17. Harolds Cat (Bulgaria)*
  18. Michelle Phan (Belarus)*
  19. DarkSonic180 (Iceland)*
  20. Madison Farr (Belgium)*
  21. GyroHedgie453 (Bosnia)*
  22. Zachary Palmer (Moldova)*
  23. MaygerMayun1 (Albania)*
  24. BobTheBuilderFan2008 (Ireland)*
  25. Pinkie Posh (Latvia)*
  26. Shoe0nHead (Estonia)*
  27. Anita Fuentes (Lithuania)*
  28. Theneedledrop (Macedonia)*
  29. ADoseOfBuckley (Serbia)*
  30. Patrick John Coleman (Slovakia)*
  31. Ploppy111 (Montenegro)*
  32. Armoured Skeptic (Luxembourg)*
  33. Anita Sarkeesian (Slovenia)*
  34. VenomFangX (Czech Republic)*
  35. AlphaOmegaSin (Cyprus)*
  36. Mario Larsson (Romania)*


  1. LifeInATent (Nigeria)(Africa boss)
  2. PimpinMasterDX (Botswana)
  3. 0u75p0k3n (Egypt)
  4. Spudroosi (Zimbabwe)
  5. AKNotHoleResident (Morocco)
  6. Cokeman2423 (Congo)
  7. Saif Khan (Algeria)
  8. CMPuke101 (South Africa)
  9. Josh Markey (Cameroon)
  10. DarkMetalOverlord (Sudan)
  11. Spax3 (Ethiopia)
  12. SuperCrudBucket (Kenya)
  13. RickSatan972 (Libya)*
  14. Tobakilacion (Somalia)*
  15. Oscar Ferguson (Chad)*
  16. RabidKillerBoar1 (Uganda)*
  17. RocketPowerGal24 (Namibia)*
  18. McChuggins (Ghana)*
  19. Mitt Mittens (Mali)*
  20. Willie Wasaka (Rwanda)*
  21. WorldsBestMama12 (Zambia)*
  22. Chris-Chan (Angola)* (Was the former secretary of the SYTFAO)
  23. Trisha Paytas (Seychelles)*
  24. 81Donnie (Senegal)*
  25. Aaron Clare (Djibouti)*
  26. Laci Green (Tunisia)*
  27. SaturnineFilms (Mozambique)*
  28. Tori Huit (Eritrea)*
  29. Evan Lefavor (Tanzania)*
  30. Vegan Gains (Malawi)*
  31. Thirdeaglebooks (Benin)*
  32. Gorilla199 (Gabon)*
  33. MundaneMatt (Mauritius)*
  34. Aron Ra (Togo)*
  35. TJDrinksSoda (Guinea)*
  36. Secular Talk (Mauritana)*


  1. PeckcellaVonPeter (China)(Asia boss)
  2. Yottatron (Japan)
  3. Caiden Cowger (Israel)
  4. Cassidy Boon (India)
  5. AdvancedEdition (Afghanistan)
  6. MrGamingPerson (Iran)
  7. SnickerDoodle123 (Philippines)
  8. Applemilk1988 (Korea)
  9. Jessi Slaughter (Syria)
  10. GTASkillz (Vietnam)
  11. Cindybin2001 (Uzbekistan)
  12. Chloe Glamorous (Indonesia)
  13. Dawah Man (Iraq)*
  14. Elly Stevenson (Cambodia)*
  15. NitroG MacRae (Kazakhstan)*
  16. Ickeriss69 (Lebanon)*
  17. TheElderlyMan (Laos)*
  18. Youlkerstiend1 (Georgia)*
  19. TheLastAbacus (Jordan)*
  20. DrDeadman1031 (Mongolia)*
  21. Zrrats (Azerbaijan)*
  22. Matmoefoe (Thailand)*
  23. AYBAYBAYDOG1 (Qatar)*
  24. PogorikiFan10 (Malaysia)*
  25. ChachaHindustani (Pakistan)*
  26. GalaxyDreams (Yemen)*
  27. Warcorpse666 (Oman)*
  28. Zindren Abraham (Tajikistan)*
  29. Jaclyn Glenn (Kuwait)*
  30. Alex Kimble (Turkmenistan)*
  31. Joseph8276 (Bhutan)*
  32. Venom2204 (Kyrgyzstan)*
  33. Mercedes Carrera (Taiwan)*
  34. KaceyTron (Bangladesh)*
  35. Reece Kendrick (Myanmar)*
  36. Adam Kokesh (Saudi Arabia)*

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