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Super Weegee Galaxy
is a shame on the Game Boi and Wii. In the shame, the main character is Weegee. Weegee's goal is to stop Bowser from stealing the Enclosed Instruction Book, and brainwashing all of the Toads to make donuts for himself.


The shame starts with Weegee breaking into Bowser's Castle, and demanding that Bowser stop trying to do... whatever he's doing. Bowser stops trying to wet his pants, and starts trying to get the Enclosed Instruction Book.

Weegee chases Bowser through North Hyrule and Space to stop him. This goes on for about 100,000,000,000 hours before Bowser kills Weegee, and there is a five minute bonus level in there.


In my opinion, reception sections are worthless, because nobody even cares about the reception.


  • As seen above, it was later released on the aptly named Nintendo Wii.

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