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Super Squadala Space Shooter is a shooter shame made by Squadala Man. It was originally going to be sold on the Squadala Shaming Device, but after that failed miserably, Squadala Man paid King Harkinian to put it on the Game Boi instead.


Sqaudala Man must singlehandedly defend Earth from the Space Invaders, and blow up all of their ships. Then, he has to blow up the Death Star, and then blow up a bunch of other Death Stars. After that, he must use his epicness to blow up Mars, and then conquer A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away. Then, he takes a Coffee break.


  • Squadala Man: The main protagonist of this shame. He is the most epic guy ever, and is the master of space.
  • SO MANY ENEMIES: There are so many enemies in this shame, there are too many to list.
  • King Harkinian: Hyrulian law says that all Game Boi shames must have King Harkinian in them. Usually, this law is ignored, but the King managed to hack into this shame, and put himself in it.


Though Squadala Man thought it was clever, everyone instantly realized this shame was just an attempt of making everyone think Squadala Man is more awesome than he actually is. Though this shame is very fun, people don't like being tricked, so sales were average, but only because Squadala Man doesn't know what he's doing.

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