Super Smash Bros. Fail is a classic 5 star bootleg released for Chintendo Vii.


USA - January 8 2001

Japan - December 27 2019

The Worlds

Since nobody knows how many worlds there, People think there at least 5 worlds.

The Known Worlds

So far, there are 6 worlds discovered. (6 to go!)

Good Guys

Holy crap! So many good guys! I'll just list them. (remember to add good guys and bosses.) SHAZAM!

Mario, Luigi, Patrick, Yoshi, Malleo, Carl, Mario Clones, Gogo's Crazy Boners, Parakoopa, Bowser, Bowsa, Bomb-omb, Angry Bird, Quacky, Santa Angry Bird, Tub Nubury, Jiker, Woodstock, Cheep Cheep, Petey Pirahna, Yoshi Clones, Sonic, Pigs, Orange, The Awesome One, Shy Guy, Wario, Spyro, Metabee, Rococo, Waluigi, Boo, Yellow Yoshi, Mario #5, Teh Goomba Bros, and much much MOAR.

The Evil men (bosses)

This pingaspace is a large group split into 8 smaller groups such as,The die guys, Correeh ClâN,The bad people, The league of villains,The big bad four, and The Smithy Gang. (LOL smithy)

The Die Guys

Die guy,Da brains, Da Muscles, The salami squad, the demon guy, (ROBOT CLONES)?

The Bad People

Punchinello, Darth Vader, The Shroobs, Gonzo, Weegee, Guiygi?, The Watermelon Warriors(nerds with watermelon hats),Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Asura?,Domino and Cloaker, The Janitor, Banana man?,Trianguly Bwok?, Belome, Exor sword, Vegeta

Correh Clân

Giygas, Porky, Masked Man, Fassad, Volotok Swordsman, DK demon, Tabuu, AGENTS, Booster, The Longleg Fighters(guys that walk on stilts),The man on teh Matress, Grumpy old banana, Elmo, The Big Man, Mega Shark, Shürky the Snell, Ned the sockishmΣN, Snally and Snelly?,Lololo and Lalala?, Dark Studious

The League of Villains

Goliad, Evil Guy, Mrs.Mellgren, Napoleon Bonaparte, Robotnikclause, Angry German Kid?, Dr. Wily, Tinky Winky, Zakaal, Fortran

The Big Bad Nine

Black Phantom, Splitface thing, Jawblade, Toxic Reapa, Thornrax, XT4, Voltix, Core Hunter, Speeda Demon

The Smithy Gang

Please ADD.) Smithy, Smithy REBUILT?, Bowyer, Mack, Yaridovich

The Over 9000

The thing in the corner, Pyro, WaVegeta, Nappa, Malleo, Weegee, Crawler, WaHeavy, Meta Knight?, The Director, The World's Fattest Man, The Pirate Bay


Dr. Eggman, Dr. Square, Mecha Nerd, Cybermen, Evil the Cat, Master Core, Malware Virus

MORE COMING SOON! yours truly 00:11, August 4, 2012 (UTC)00:11, August 4, 2012 (UTC)00:11, August 4, 2012 (UTC) 00:11, August 4, 2012 (UTC)

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