Super Robotnik is the special form of Dr. Robotnik, in which he has a power level that is OVER 9000.

Super Robotnik form was explored during eating Spaghetti. Robotnik was poisoned with poison in his spaghetti. This strange poison was developed to destroy Robotnik's mind, but Dr. Robotnik worked with Promotions too much, so his brain was replaced by Promotion!!! The poison changed the mathematical formula of Promotion and created SUPER PROMOTION!!!

Stuff that he could do

In Super form Robotnik can:

  • PWN Teh n00bs
  • Do a Barrel Roll
  • Dine in Hell
  • Snoop as usuall
  • Give everybody a Promotion! (That's real. The only time Robotnik gave Promotion to Scratch and Grounder he was in super form)
  • Find AkaRed (but then run away)
  • Steal 4288 candies from kids per second
  • Kill an Undefeatable (Except for Captain Planet)
  • Defy Captain Planet without being killed
  • Prevent the Pizza from being aggressive
  • Fly
  • Do A Barrel Roll
  • Win in a staring contest with Weegee


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