Master chief duck hunt
Super Duck Hunt is the sequel of Duck Hunt for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In this shame, the player controls Master Chief, and uses his military experience to make ducks go splat. This shame sold so many copies, several stores exploded for no reason.

This shame is exactly the same as the first, except a few minor differences:

  • Everything in this shame is purple.
  • You have to buy bullets.
  • The Kill Key can be used in this shame.
  • You get to chose between three weapons: the Sniper Rifle, the Sniper Rifle 2, and the Spartan Laser
  • There is a mini-game called SPARTAN LASER MAKE THINGS GO BOOM!
  • Master Chief has customizable armor.
  • The Laughing Dog is not in this shame.
  • This shame doesn't suck (biggest difference)

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