Super All Kart Box Art

Box Art

'S'uper All-Kart is a shame for the Nintendo Kincet and Xbox-666 that is the best shame made by Nintendo and Xbox Co. so far. You don't need to use any controllers. You get to ride anything you can think of, and an infinite amount of people can fit on everything except for karts, they only can fit up to 615 people. You can play everyone everywhere in all the universes. It is a multiplayer that can be played anywhere with any number of players, though if you have the whole of China playing Wi-fi, it's going to get crowded. You can use everything in all the universes as items against everyone, and you can use it whichever way you want. This can be played in any number of dimensions, and any number of bits. You can't play Chuck Norris, because Chuck Norris is UNDEFEATABLE!!!


  • Don't hack this game, or else you will get arrested.
  • Make sure Chuck Norris, Marx, or X-616 isn't playing, or else they will pwn everyone else.
  • 42
  • The Starman is the second best item in the game, the best one can't be identified as only Chuck Norris knows it.
  • Beware of Your Mom, or else you will end as a dead guy.
  • Game over


  • After release, Sarah Palin hacked into it and somehow evaded arrest.
  • Sarah Palin felt bored after hacking it so she reversed what she had done.
  • Weegee said that after playing it his Weegee stare doesn't work anymore.
  • Malleo wore a dress, makeup, and a wig and hacked into it. The police arrested him, and put him in a jail in Somalia. Then he was made a maid and forced to work for a n00b.
  • The Weegee stare is the only item that doesn't work, because of a glitch caused by Your Mom.

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